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A Short History of English
England was settled in the fifth and sixth centuries A D by Germanic tribes.
Later, in the ninth century, Scandinavian invaders came, bringing their languages, which also contributed to English. This was the language current in 1066 when William the Conqueror, from Normandy won the battle. Latin the language of the church and culture.
Germanic root (Common) French root (Elegant) Latin root (Learned)
Ask                                                 question                            interrogate
Goodness                                    virtue                                    probity
Better                                            improve                               ameliorate
Rider                                              cavalier                                     equestrian

Others words nowadays using in United States: taco, tango hacienda, barrio.


Spanish is one of the Romance languages, like French, Italian. Although there are some differences in the vocabulary and pronunciation of Spanish as it is spoken in Spain, Latina America and other parts of the world, what we call Spanish is essentially derived from Castilians, the dialect of the historic Spanish province of Castile.
When the Romans invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the second and first centuries BC they pronounced differently because they continued to use sounds that were in their own familiar in their own languages .After Romans the Visigoths and the Germanic entered in la Peninsula, after that the Arabics.(some words : almohada,alacrán, albañil, alberca, and much more words.
Based on Edith Farrell / Spanish & English Grammar,Mc Graw Hill,,2004
If you want to go deep , San José del Cabo is the best option, safe sunny and very good dedicated teachers .Even an immersion group  or an private class, study Spanish here in Cabo. Enjoy the life!

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